Too soft or too rough – we fix suspension problems

Suspension is vital and effects how your car, steers, stops and handles.  If it is too soft, especially on just one wheel, you will get wear on tyres and potentially dangerous cornering situations at speed.  If your suspension is not right let us know about it and while we have your car off the road we can work out what is wrong and fix it.  Struts can leak, bushes wear and sway bars bend.  We will find the problems and ensure your car is safe to be back on the road.  At Affordable Power Steering Gold Coast, we can fix all suspension problems, usually same day, in our fully equipped workshop.  We have been repairing vehicle suspension for around 30 years so can diagnose and repair problems fast.

Cars, trucks and boats, we repair them all.

Our customers include local mechanical workshops, transport companies, marine businesses and the general public.  We can repair any suspension system on any mode of transport.  We have an excellent reputation in the Gold Coast motor and marine trade as a reliable and affordable power steering repairer so you can trust us with your vehicle, no matter what it is!  We can repair, rebuild or replace your suspension components using quality parts that will last a long time.  We can use genuine or OEM parts in your repair, the choice is yours.  After 30 years we know which brand parts we can rely on so these are the ones we stock.

Why Us

Affordable Power Steering will look after your power steering problems and get you moving again.

  • 30 years of power steering repair experience
  • Fully equipped workshop
  • Accurate advice about your steering system
  • Cars, trucks and boats – we do it all.
  • Affordable repair prices
  • Same day repairs on most systems
  • Over the phone estimates
  • Fixed price quotes upon inspection

Rough or soft suspension can be inconvenient and dangerous.  If yours is not right get it fixed fast at Affordable Power Steering Gold Coast.  Call now on 07 5500 5228

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