High quality power steering repairs for cars, trucks and boats in our Gold Coast workshop.

The steering system of your car, truck or boat is vital, especially at high speed. It needs to work well and be reliable otherwise problems range from difficulty turning to a high speed crash! At Affordable Power Steering we have been looking after the steering needs of mechanics and the public for around 30 years. Based on the Gold Coast, local workshops trust us with their power steering repairs as they know it will be done right at a fair price. As experienced mechanics we understand every part of your vehicle and how the steering system interacts with the rest of the mechanical components. This way we can ensure all of your steering system components are a safe and reliable part of your vehicle.

No matter what your mode of transport, if it has power steering or electric assist we can repair it. Cars, utes, vans, light trucks, prime movers and boats can all be repaired and most same day. We have repaired the power steering on a Rolls Royce, Hummer and Porsche Boxer and can add power steering to your old HQ Holden.

With so many repairs under our belt there is nothing we can’t fix. Type, age, make or model is not a problem to us. If you have a standard or unusual vehicle just give us a call and we will let you know when we can repair it and roughly how much. We may need to inspect your vehicle to give a firm price so feel free to drop in so we can check it out.

Steering Services

Electric Assist

Many new vehicles are using electric assist steering systems. We can repair these systems too!

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